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Longmeadow Animal Hospital

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Our Policies

Longmeadow Animal Hospital is pleased to provide you with our policies and important information that can simplify the process of getting veterinary care for your pet.

Appointment Policy Update Effective July 1st, 2024

Due to the recent increase in "No Show" appointments, Longmeadow Animal Hospital is implementing the following policy changes to better serve our clients and patients:

1. New Client/Patient Appointments:

  • A non-refundable deposit equivalent to the cost of the exam will be collected at the time of scheduling.

2. Dental Procedures:

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated total for the procedure will be required at the time of scheduling.

We have experienced a surge in demand for veterinary services, often resulting in fully booked schedules. Regrettably, this leads to turning away patients in need of immediate care. We acknowledge that missed appointments can occur inadvertently; however, they significantly impact our ability to provide timely care to all patients.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these updated policies, which aim to ensure efficient service delivery for every client and their beloved pets.

Thank you for entrusting Longmeadow Animal Hospital with your pet's health and well-being.

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Aggressive Dogs

We understand that pets may be nervous at the veterinarian’s office so in order to protect our pets, clients, and staff, we have designed a set of procedures to reduce the risks associated with aggressive behavior.

In the waiting room at Longmeadow Animal Hospital, all dogs must be leashed at all times. Once the owner of an aggressive dog has checked in with the reception staff, this pet will be asked to wait outside until an assistant comes and escorts the pet into the exam room.

Aggressive Dogs

If a pet is knowingly aggressive towards people or other animals, we require that those pets be muzzled before entering the building. We also request that these pets stay on a tight leash staying as close to the owner as possible.

Our top priority at Longmeadow Animal Hospital is to safeguard the health and well-being of your pet. Please assist us in keeping our staff, patients, and clients safe and comfortable while in our facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this policy.

Heartworm Testing

Our goal at Longmeadow Animal Hospital is to provide your pet with the most comprehensive heartworm prevention plan possible. Left untreated, heartworm disease can cause permanent, potentially fatal heart and lung disease.

Puppies get their first heartworm test at approximately 9 months of age. We recommend they receive the appropriate dose of heartworm preventative (based on their body weight) each month until that time.

Longmeadow Animal Hospital requires all dogs over the age of 18 months to have a current negative heartworm test (a negative test within the past 12 months) on record in order to be dispensed with heartworm medication.


Payment, in full, is due at the time of service, and we are happy to provide you with an estimate prior to diagnostics and treatment. For your convenience, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, CareCredit & a check with a valid driver’s license.

Pill Cutting

Longmeadow Animal Hospital calculates the client cost of medications based on the price we are able to obtain them from the manufacturer. Many of the medications we use in veterinary medicine are formulated for humans. Therefore, we often find pills need to be cut in order to provide the correct dosage for pets.

Many hospitals have chosen to inflate the costs of their medications to compensate for staff time involved in cutting pills. In our commitment to provide exceptional care at a reasonable price, we have decided to give our clients the option of cutting the pills themselves, avoiding additional costs.

If you opt to have Longmeadow Animal Hospital staff cut the pills, we will certainly be happy to do so for a $6 Pill Cutting Fee. This is a set fee, regardless of how many pills need to be cut. Simply let us know when you request your refill. Unless you request that your pet’s medications be cut for you, your prescription will be sent home with full tablets/caplets. We do have pill cutters available for purchase for $4.

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Refills of Prescription Medication

We request you call at least 3 hours prior to the time you wish to pick up your medication.

This gives our veterinarians time to review your pet’s medical history prior to dispensing medication. If you need a medication that must be special-ordered, we will call you when the mediation arrives, usually 2-3 business days.

You may stop in at any time, without prior notification, to pick up your pet’s flea/tick & heartworm prevention.

Returning Drugs

Just like in human medicine, there are standards that hospitals must adhere to when it comes to the return of drugs. Therefore, any medications in vials (pills, capsules etc.) or liquid medications cannot be returned.

Only pre-packaged, sealed medications that are unopened and in their original condition can be returned for store credit, minus the dispensing fees.

E-Collars are not returnable once they leave the hospital.